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Lately my inspiration has been dwindling and my muse has been dragging her feet. With a mixture of fear that I am losing my ability to write creatively and an annoyance that I've had nothing to show for the holiday break, I decided to seek out a prompt community. Since I'm a extremist in everyway, of course I couldn't pick a simply 100 or 50 ficlet challenge that had the standard prompt table that seems to be floating around all of those communities . . .

The community I have chosen contains 200 prompts to be attempted by the authors who are crazy enough to try them, all of them at least 100 words long. They range from style challenges to genre challenges to standard one-word prompts.

These are all in the "A Great and Terrible Beauty" trilogy fandom, and they are all Felicity Worthington centric.

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Blame artist who found this for me.

The community, for my fellow writers, is mission_insane.

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This journal is locked.

There is a reason:

I have tried public journals in the past and they make me fee uncomfortable.
To me, writing is very personal, and if I do not know exactly who is
reading my entries, I find myself limiting what I will
say and as a writer, this does not work for my purposes.
It is with a healthy amount of caution that I lock this
journal. True, one of my major goals on this site
is to attract an intelligent audience to my writing, but
the links in my journal to my fictionpress and fanfiction
profile are quite accessible. The anonymity as a writer on these
sites offers me a freedom that cannot be afforded on LJ
where there are also many private thoughts posted.

I suspect that most of the people who wish to be added would have
met me in a community, and you can feel free to comment on
the post in the community where I attracted your attention.
I'm very open about friending as long as your profile or journal
work as proof that you are not creepy or crazy.
Moderate spelling and typing skills are also appreciated . . .

My profile -- you will notice -- lacks personal information
for the same reason, though it can be found on relevant
add-me community. Or by messaging me.
Here's one piece of information;
I'm eclectic. I like change.
This journal, private and open-ended,
can offer me some permanency in my world
of change.


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